Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 23-Lots of Matzo Love!

They say, love is supposed to hold a family together, but our secret ingredient can be found in matzo ball soup. So, today I cooked up a batch, grabbed some bowls, and we had soup for dinner with dad!
Just one box of soup, served up nice and hot is all that is needed to help heal your soul, find comfort in this world, and be reassured that everything will be alright! 

If you have never tried it, you can buy the mix at any grocery store-make sure it says mix and soup on the box.  It's chicken broth with a matzo dumpling. Just add eggs and oil.  You can add carrots, celery, and chicken! Yum! It's served at Passover, but I make them year round, more like monthly! My girls know how to make it now! 

People love eating matzo balls-they set world records for the largest..488lbs.
People eat them in competitions...78 matzo balls in 8 mins. -I think I will stick to my 3 or 4. So filling!

Matzo Party with the Family


Daddy's Girls!

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